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Upcoming Climbs
(Dates subject to change.)
Northwest Territories
(Date: To be determined, 2016)
Un-named Peak (Mt. Nirvana)
(Date: To be determined)
Barbeau Peak
Newfoundland & Labrador and Quebec
(Part Deux, with James Coleridge)
(Date: To be determined)
Mt. Caubvick, D'Iberville

Previous Climbs

15 - Northwest Territories:
       Un-named Peak (Mt. Nirvana)
     Attempted: July & August , 2015
14 - Alberta
       Mt. Columbia
     Completed: May, 2015
13 - Newfoundland/Labrador & Quebec:
       Mt. Caubvick & D'Iberville
     Completed: August, 2014
12 - Northwest Territories:
       Un-named Peak
     Attempted: July & August , 2013
11 - Nova Scotia: White Hill
     Completed: May, 2012
10 - Prince Edward Island: Glen Valley
     Completed: May, 2012
9 - New Brunswick: Mount Carleton
     Completed: May, 2012
8 - Saskatchewan: Cypress Hills
     Completed: November 7, 2011
7 - British Columbia: Fairweather Mtn
     Completed: June 2, 2009
6 - Yukon Territory: Mt Logan
     Completed: June 3, 2008
5 - Yukon Territory: Mt Logan
     Attempted: May 11, 2007
4 - Manitoba: Baldy Mountain
     Completed: December 1, 2006
3 - Ontario: Ishpatina Ridge
     Completed: September 22-29, 2006
2 - Alberta: Mount Columbia
     Completed: August 10-13, 2006
1 - Alberta: Mount Columbia
     Attempted: June 24-26 , 2006

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An "Exploration Live" Adventure From - Mt. Nirvana


The Summits of Canada Expedition team is en-route towards another peak. This next adventure will see a return to the Northwest Territories for a second attempt at Mt. Nirvana (unofficial name of NTW's high-point).

Taking place during July & August, 2015, this expedition will begin and end with some extended paddling activities for some of the team. There will also be various members joining in at different times during the journey, with participants from the US and even Spain taking part.

Team progress can be followed again this year through the use of GPS feeds into the website.

Click the link to the right for more details on this adventure, including Photos, Trip Maps, Journals and even Resource Guides for others contemplating or planning a similar adventure.

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and to view details from their current
Mt. Nirvana expedition.

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STATUS - Completed

For details on the highest peak in
the Northwest Territories,
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from each climb, and/or related information for each area/region.

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pages which may or may not be added in the future.)


Details of Climbs
(starting from 2006 to most recent)
 indicates a link to View More about each expedition.
Attempt of Alberta's Mt Columbia
#1 - Climb Attempt
June, 2006
Alberta: Mount Columbia
Top of Alberta: Mt Columbia
#2 - Summited
August, 2006
Top of Alberta: Mount Columbia
Top of Ontario: Ishpatina Ridge
#3 - Summited
September, 2006
Top of Ontario: Ishpatina Ridge
Top of Manitoba: Baldy Mountain
#4 - Summited
December, 2006
Top of Manitoba: Baldy Mountain
Base Camp 2007: Mount Logan
# 5 - Climb Attempt
May, 2007
Click to view Logan micro-site #1
The Yukon Territory: Mount Logan
Summit of Mount Logan: June, 2008
# 6 - Summited
June, 2008
Click to view Logan micro-site #2

Top of Yukon & Canada: Mount Logan
Summit & shadow of Fairweather Mtn on Pacific Ocean - June, 2009
# 7 - Summited
June, 2009
Click to view Fairweather micro-site
Top of BC: Fairweather Mountain
Summit of the, umm ... "peak" - of Saskatchewan!
# 8 - Summited
November, 2011
Top of Saskatchewan: Cypress Hills
Summits of the Maritimes highpoints.
# 9, 10, 11- Summited
May, 2012
Top of New Brunswick: Mount Carleton
Top of PEI: Glen Valley
Top of Nova Scotia: White Hill
Attempt of NWT's Un-named Peak
# 12 - Climb Attempt
July & August, 2013
Northwest Territories: Un-named Peak
Summit of Newfoundland & Labrador and Quebec
# 13 - Summited
August, 2014
Top of Newfoundland & Labrador
& Quebec: Mt. Caubvick & D'Iberville
Summit of Alberta
#14 - Summited
May, 2015
Top of Alberta: Mount Columbia
2nd Attempt of NWT's Un-named Peak
# 15 - Climb Attempt
July & August, 2015
Northwest Territories: Un-named Peak

Inspiring By Example
Inspiring By Example

Remote Canadian Real-World Adventure Learning
Remote Canadian Real-World Adventure Learning

2007 Expedition Video Preview
A Preview Review :)


Click the Play button to the right to watch the video preview from the 2007 expedition to Mt. Logan >>


Note: if you can't see it, you may need to download the Windows Media Player (free).

2007 Mount Logan Expedition Video Preview



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