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Follow The Climbs - Northwest Territories:
Un-named Peak (Mt. Nirvana)

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Nortwest Territories

Maps & Route
Real-Time Locator
Locator Now Closed, See Below For Route Details
Locator Now Closed/Inactive.
See Journal page and Journal Maps For Summary of Route Details.

Weather Conditions & Satellite Maps
The map link below provides an animated graphical representation of the weather forecast for the next 72 hours. The maps shows the Canadian/US West coast (outlined in black) along with an animated overlay of changing weather patterns.
Click to View Weather Patterns - 72 hrs
Click to View Animated Weather Patterns - GVAR
NOAA GOES (GVAR): Water Vapor(3)
Click to View Animated Weather Patterns - 4gv-IR
GOES: 4gv Thermal IR
Links to other satellite radar maps:
The maps above are compliments of NOAA
NOAA's (US National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) operational environmental satellite system is composed of: geostationary operational environmental satellites (GOES) for short-range warning and "nowcasting," and polar-orbiting environmental satellites (POES) for longer term forecasting. Both kinds of satellites are necessary for providing a complete global weather monitoring system. The satellites carry search and rescue instruments, and have helped save the lives of more than 20,000 people to date. The satellites also are used to support aviation safety (volcanic ash detection), and maritime/shipping safety (ice monitoring and prediction).

Maps & Route
Usage & "How-To" Notes

Real-Time Location Tracking: For this climb, we are once again making available a tracking feature that will allow viewers to follow the team as they make their bid for the summit of Mount Nirvana (officially an Un-named peak). The Real-Time Locator window above (which can also be enlarged to Fullscreen) will provide real-time location upadates (every 10 - 15 minutes) on the map to show you exactly where the team is.

Note: to view the team's route as they progress, click on the large "+" icon just to the right of the big blue arrow icon, and then zoom in on the map. There are also Topographic, Aerial and Road views available.

Location Waypoints: you can also click on the circular blue waypoint icons
for additional information from each location such as a Message and:
Time & Date, Speed, Heading, Elevation, and Coordinates.

Close the Message Box: simply click anywhere else on the map to close the
box and then click another blue icon to open the message for that location.

Note: to View More of the Map Area

There are 2 light-grey arrows that you can click on to hide/unhide the left Map Filter option pane, as well as the top "Delorme and inReach" branding bar.

This works in both the embedded map (see Real-Time Locator above) as well as the Fullscreen window mode. This will allow you to see much more of the actual map area, as well as the route, current location, and any notices posted by the team.

To hide/unhide each option - Click on the 2 grey arrows (noted with red arrows)
MapShare with Map Filter and branding bars hidden.
Click the grey arrows again to unhide the options.
(For an even larger screen view, you can also "Fullscreen" your browser window.)



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