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Follow The Climbs - Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador:
Mt. Caubvick, D'Iberville

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Maps & Route
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Real-Time Location Tracking: For this climb, we are making available a tracking feature that will allow viewers to follow the team as they make their bid for the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The window below (which can also be enlarged to Fullscreen) will provide real-time location upadates (every 10 minutes) on the map to show you exactly where the team is.

Note: to view the team's route as they progress, click on the large "+" icon just to the right of the big blue arrow icon, and then zoom in on the map. There are also Topographic and Road views.

Location Waypoints: you can also click on the blue waypoint icons
for additional information from each location such as a Message and:
Time & Date, Speed, Heading, Elevation, and Coordinates.

Close the Message Box: simply click anywhere else on the map to close the
box and then click another blue icon to open the message for that location.



Locator Now Closed, See Below For Route Details
Locator Now Closed, See Maps Below For Route Details


Map and Graph Repository
Also, you can check the link below for "a library of map and graph-related images of the Mount Caubvick/D'Iberville area", couresy of Andrew Lavigne's website and "Tales of the Torngats".

Map and Graph Repository

Tales of the Torngats is a great site with an excellent write-up and film regarding the search for Daniel Pauze & Susan Barnes of Ontario who went missing and never returned while making their attempt at Mount Caubvick/D'Iberville on August 1, 2003. While most unfortunate (and the SOC team offers its condolences) it's a poignant reminder to all adventurists in the great Canadian outdoors about the importance of proper preparation and the unpredictability of the weather, at any time of the year.

Mt Caubvick & D'Iberville Map
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Mt Caubvick & D'Iberville Map
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